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Northern India According to the Shui ching Chu

Nevertheless, the better option is to travel by Cabs. It requires a lot of dickering before the rowdy cab drivers will settle for a reasonable fare. In case of airlines, Nepal has as many as 15 domestic airlines that provide their service to commuters. Most of these aircrafts are seater Dakotas that are very comfortable and safe.

Welcome to Lumbini, Nepal – the birthplace of Buddha

Some bigger aircrafts such as Airbus also ply on major routes such as Pokhra-Lumbini and Kathmandu-Lumbini. By Air: Lumbini does not have an international airport therefore you have no option but to break your journey at Kathmandu and take another flight. Lumbini Tourist Attractions:. Kapilvastu, near Lumbini, is a prime archeological site. Though very little remains of what was once a flourishing town, the place is a must visit. The place has the ruins of the palace where Lord Buddha spent his formative years.

The archeological works that had been done in this area had to pass through various roadblocks including financial constraint. The archeologists had dug out as many as 14 different layers of human habitation in this area.

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The oldest among these dates back to 8th century before Christ. The place is a must for archeological and historical buffs! Apart from its religious and historical significance, Lumbini offers cultural insights into the village life of southwestern Nepal. The must catch event in this part of Nepal is the weekly communal Bazaar. This bazaar is organized every Monday therefore try to coincide your visit with that. The weekly bazaar looks like the scene taken straight out of the Arabian fables.

Villagers come from miles around to buy grains, spices, pottery, jewelry, saris and various other items. With colorful merchandise spread out under the Mango trees and the air perfumed with incense, the place looks like the ocean of humanity.

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You can buy souvenirs for your dear ones and side-by-side witness the local life in Lumbini. After centuries of neglect from travelers, backpackers and archeologists, Lumbini is finally scaling the chart.

Serious preservation work has only just been started and efforts are being done on the war footing to save this historical marvel. Tihar - The Festival Of Lights. This festival falls after 15 days of end of Dashain.

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It generally falls during the month of October. This festival is also known as festival of lights or festival of flowers or festival of sisterhood or brotherhood.

Chu Northern the Shui India to According ching

It is celebrated in five-days and these days are called Panchak or Yama Panchak. During this festival, different animals such as crow, dog, and cow are worshipped. People worship the Hindu Goddess of Fortune or Wealth Goddess Laxmi and enjoy cooking delicious meals as roti at home, fly kites, decorate homes and streets with lights and garlands Mala in Nepali and brothers and sisters shop and exchange their gifts Saugat or Sagun along with blessing Ashish.

Main importantly, brothers and sisters exchange a special temporary mark of color on forehead Tika in Nepali at the ending day of festival. This day of Tihar festival is popularly known as Bhai Tika day. This day has cultural importance as sisters wish a long life to their brothers Bhai. Culturally, if anyone do not have own sister or brother, can accept from close relatives. If they have no choice, they can find from their friends or neighbors. This relation is considered as of relation of child born by same parents.

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Tihar is celebrated in 5 days. Each day is special as there is w orshipping of different animals or Goddess. First day is called as day of Kag crow. This day is also called as Kag Tihar. In this day, all members of the family separate a portion of their meal and offer for Kag. Sisters offer worship for Kag before taking meal. Kags are considered as the messenger of the Lord of Death Yam. Hence, people worship Kag and offer meal to keep them happy. Second day is the day of Kukur Dog. This day is named as Kukur Tihar.

In this day sisters worship Kukur offering delicious meal, put red tika on their forehead and flower garland around their necks. Kukur guards home of people, hence, people honor Kukur by worshipping. Using this word may invite critical situation for you. Kukur is also culturally worshipped because it is believed that, when Yudhisthir went to heaven with his brothers and family after the great war of Mahabharat, Kukur was only one which reached alive to heaven along with him even his brave brothers were died on the way.

The third day is the day of Gai Cow. This day is also called as Gai Tihar. Culturally, gai is regarded as mother and called Gaumata Mother Cow. It is regarded as sacred animal and worshiped as mother. In Hinduism, Gauhatya killing of Cow is considered as sin. During this day, Gai is worshipped by putting tika on her forehead, flower garland around her neck and offering good meals.

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People honor cow as she provides milk to people which is regarded as Amrit Nutritious and holly liquid. Gaumutra is also considered as the medicine of various diseases. During this day the entire nation illuminates with lights. It is performed using flowers, incense, oil lamps, color-powders, bell and money both notes and coins. The symbolic foot-print on the floor is made from the entrance of the home to the Puja Kotha worshipping room and Dhansar room where people store their assets.

It is believed that, if you worship Goddess Laxmi with devotion, then your life will be prosperous and happy with the Kripa blessing of Goddess Laxmi. After Laxmi Puja, group of female sing Bhailo or Bhailini door to door of community. Bhailini song offer joy, prosperity and blessing to the household where it is played.

The song may be different from place to place depending on geography. But it must start with Bhailini or end with Bhailiram. The fourth day is the day of Goru oxen.

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This day is also called as Goru Tihar and people do Gobardhan puja a symbolic mountain made of cow dung. This day Goru is worshipped as they are used to till lands for agriculture and pull the carts. Newari community local ethnic group of Kathmandu Valley and other part of the country perform Mahapuja. Mahapuja is the worshipping of self. They celebrate it offering Vintuna regard and respect, compare Namaste to each other. During day time, group of male sing Deusi song.