Manual The Cold War: A Military History

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The Cold War: A History

Discover what to read next. The Most Anticipated Books of Fall Linn analyzes the many serious debates within the Army on how best to adapt to the prospect of nuclear weapons. Linn details the struggle of how to transform military organizations, equipment, and training, but also service culture, education, and attitudes.

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Linn brings the soldiers of the early Cold War period to life and illuminates the many challenges of maintaining a large, diverse draftee army in times of nominal peace. This is fine scholarship and fine storytelling. More important is his message.

Don't attempt to cut a new doctrine out of whole cloth without insuring that the organization, equipment, and especially the personnel can sustain it. Linn's book is a must read for historians and anyone involved in what we would call today force modernization. Our logo could go here.

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The Cold War: A Military History

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